Eaton 93PM UPS Bypass Panel with Distribution – Plano, TX

To reduce costly downtime for maintenance and to speed up replacement of your UPS down-the-road, a remote-mount maintenance bypass can be a great choice. For this project, we designed a custom maintenance bypass with integral power distribution breakers (shown on the right). This helped save footprint and reduced the installation time. Click here if you would like to learn more about this project.

Custom Bypass.jpg

Why, Yes We Do....

So we get asked often if we provide removal and proper disposal services (CSS Decommission Services) of UPS, HVAC, and the like. Our answer is...Why, Yes We Do. Due to being asked this several times over the last 6 months we thought it would be fitting to address the question here and provide some pictures of one our recent decommissions. #OutWithTheOld

Keeping It Cool....

Hello folks! We first would like to start off by thanking the 100+ of you that attended out Power Tour event this month. We truly appreciate your time and enjoyed getting to visit with each of you. 

Below is a couple pictures from a little 30 Ton DX project that recently completed. The customer, a large player in the colocation space, was very happy with the final product, As well as the planning and organization to set the equipment. There are more phases to come. #cool_to_the_core

Like A Glove.......

We here at CSS hope you and yours are enjoying your summer and staying cool. Today we bring you a nice little project we recently completed for a large Financial Institute. This customer had the need for 40 to 50 kW but had little space to house it. That is where the 93PM comes in...we had several solutions but the 93PM fit their needs the best and allows them to scale up. Here is a 93PM 40kW in a 50kW frame....that is right...when ready they can scale up to 50kW quickly. With the batteries internal this provided a small footprint for their small space. As they say, "Fits Like A Glove". #smallspaces-noproblem


Hey there folks...we hope you are having a great summer and are staying cool with all the record heat being seen all over the US. Speaking of hot, below is a project we recently completed with a 40kW 93PM with an N+1 configuration for a very large customer in the chicken industry. The 93PM's are a hot unit that are selling well and often. Our customers love the scaleability within a small foot print. Not to mention these are one of the most efficient UPS's in the market. Now that is nothing to bock..bock..bock about. #sizzle

Speedy Recovery...

Below is a picture of (2) two Eaton 50kW 93PM in parallel that we installed and started up in record time. One of our customers had several load losses due to another manufacturers UPS failing several times in a couple weeks. They needed a new solution in place ASAP. We were able complete all of the electrical and have a 93PM on site within two weeks. They have had zero issues since. Full turn-key solutions is just one of many offerings here at CSS. #results #happycustomer

Parallel......Two Is Always Better Than One...

Well folks we are back with a couple more posts. We have been so busy we have failed to update the PLOG in a while....for this we apologize to those that have been asking for them.

Here we have a great little 15kVA Parallel set up with a parallel tie cabinet. We have a customer that deploys many of these (6 setups this year alone) within their enterprise for larger critical phone and communication rooms. Very small footprint with the warm fuzzies of redundancy.....#noworries 

Up...UP...and AWAY!!

Before we dive into this PLOG, we at CSS would like to wish all of you a very relaxing and safe Thanksgiving Holiday! We are very THANKFUL for each and everyone of you!

What is that?.....Is it a bird?....Is it a plane? Oh don't be silly! It is much more exciting. It's a flying Stulz air-handler and condenser. That is right folks....CSS handles much more than just power. Many of you wanted to see some examples of such...well here you go folks. These pictures were from a Stulz install that was just completed recently. Simply chilling! #coool

Holy Runtime Batman!!

Just a little bonus PLOG for today....We just could not resist the urge to show you the GREAT WALL of batteries. These batteries were part of a large install for a major healthcare provider in the DFW area. The shear magnitude of this install just can not be put into words. Just to unload the several trucks that brought these batteries took 12 hours. Can you say backup time galore? #holyruntime


Hello folks...We would like to apologize for the lack of PLOG posts. It has shaped up to be a very busy year and we have neglected to share all the great stuff and things. We will be posting several in the next coming days from several of the projects that we have completed over the last quarter. 

So lets get this PLOG party started..... below is a couple pictures of a setup we customized for a very large company. This is an ATS or Disconnect, 9kVA to 12kVA UPS, Rack PDUs, and Rack STS custom package solution that is completely plug and play from the day it arrives on site. This solution is deployed into all of their IDF and MDF closets for every campus they have....hundreds of them. It was very important to our customer that this solution was simple and agile. There are needs to remove these when a campus closes and relocate them to a new campus....which can be done easily by the pull of a plug. Nailed It, Aced It, Can't be Stopped! (credit to Sl1p)

Things are starting to get a bit chilly up in here.....

As many of you already know, CSS provides turn-key solutions for every aspect of critical spaces. Many of you have requested us to "plog" about some of the non-UPS projects we are working on....well your wish is our command. 

These photos are of a project we are in the process of wrapping up for a well known healthcare provider. These pictures are from the delivery crate to final location. The pipe and wire are in progress as we plog this. 

You just can not deny how "cool" it is to actually see the condensers on the roof. More important that a ran cloud in August? Enjoy folks and thank you for your support!